October 6, 2017

Food trucks open at 5:30 pm

Games open at 6:00 pm



This event is the PTA's largest fundraiser of the year.  It is a carnival with food trucks, games, and bouncy areas along with a silent auction event in the gymnasium at the end of the evening. If you haven't been or don't know about it, then you definitely are missing out on the fun!


Leading up to the event is a week long celebration because each day has a "theme".  Monday might be mustache day, Tuesday might be Tie Dye day, etc.  Check back here for the specifics.  Also, the class "baskets" are displayed in the hallways for everyone to check out!  See below about the baskets.


Each child and teacher are given a free tee shirt, that the school then uses for every field trip that is taken that year.  Other family members can purchase tee shirts as well, to show their school spirit.  These forms are sent home at the beginning of the year.


Each child is given 5 free tickets to be spent at the fair.  Tickets can be purchased the evening of the carnival or online in the My Account/Forms section in bundles of 10.  This is suggested due to the long lines that sometimes form at the carnival.


In the past each classroom made a basket, but this year 2 or 3 classrooms will be combining to make "baskets" for the silent auction.  Each item has a theme - movies, camping, Pokemon, cooking, etc.  The item doesn't specifically have to be in a basket but can be anything that the leads decides works best with the theme.


All in all, it is a great event at Oak View and takes a lot of volunteers working several months to pull this together. Currently we are asking for volunteers to help with asking for donations.  Click here for that information.


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