Hoot, Scoot, and Boogie Contact Information

The following individuals are the committee heads and doesn't reflect all the people that are involved with this event.  If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to any one of these individuals and they will gladly talk to you!


Committee Contact Information:



Co- Chairs:

AnnCarol Giannotti                  ac2157@yahoo.com                                     (615) 293-2022

April Black                               aprilblack615@gmail.com                             (615) 521-6113         


Corporate Sponsor:

Dee Dee Brimmage                 d2brimmage@yahoo.com                              (832) 314-8876  


Silent Auction:

Mandy Luzinski                        adluzinski@aol.com                                      (615) 869-8171

Janice Mims                             janicesries@yahoo.com                                (484) 433-6011                                                                                                                                                                                    

Class Basket/ Project:                                                                                        

Ellen Hobson                           ellenhobson2@gmail.com                              (228) 297-5322

Jill Herington                            jillherington@yahoo.com                                (615)974-8423  


Small Games:

Jacqui Huxford                         jjhuxford@gmail.com                                      (219) 816-0214

Michelle Brewer                       mobrewer@hotmail.com                                 (931) 797-4179

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